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The primary purpose of the present article is to investigate the comparative characteristics of heart rate variability in healthy adolescents and male adults. The study was carried out on 41 male adolescents aged 15-16 years and 73 male adults aged 18-22 years. For assessment of heart rate variability statistical data of variability and spectral analysis of(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the vegetative regulatory action in healthy, untrained and trained individuals in different geomagnetic conditions. The study involved 94 healthy untrained young men aged 18-22 years - I group (control), and 60 trained volunteers aged 18-25 years - II group, who during the period of the study and for at least three years(More)
The aim of the research was to evaluate some clinical and hemodynamic characteristics in patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2 (DM type 1 and DM type 2), to diagnose diabetic retinopathy (DR) on early stage of its development for the correction of the disease by treating with angiotensin II type 1 receptor blocker (AT I)--Candesartan. Totally(More)
The goal of our research was to evaluate regulatory mechanisms of young men heart rate during psychoemotional load on the background of sound irritations of different characteristics. The study was a community trial and performed by single blind method on volunteer young men (age 18-22, n=73). As a method of description of heart rate regulation mechanisms,(More)
Basic hemodynamic indices in aged 15-16 practically healthy adolescents do not differ essentially, but in patients with juvenile arterial hypertension is noticed their authentic rise in proper age groups. The correlation of body mass is marked with the basic hemodynamic parameters and likewise the indices of double production depend on systolic pressure and(More)
The goal of the study was the differential description of the heart rate regulatory mechanisms of young men and productivity of task performance during sensory-motor and psychoemotional load on the background of high frequency (4000-8000 Hz) sound exposure. Analysis of statistical and spectral components of the heart rate variability was done for(More)
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The author attributes the possibility of a substantial cardiovascular damage (complications, myocardial infarctions, fatal accidents) in the population of hypertensive and myocardial infarction patients to a combination of the adverse factors of unstable weather brought in by a magnetic storm and those of emotional stress.
Biological effect of a visible light depends on extend of its property to penetrate into the tissues: the greater is a wavelength the more is an effect of a radiation. An impact of a visible light on the skin is evident by wave and quantum effects. Quanta of a visible radiation carry more energy than infrared radiation, although an influence of such(More)