A D Taganovich

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Activity of membrane-bound enzymes, passive penetration of ions in dose-dependent loading with cholesterol, effect of cholesterol high concentrations on the metabolic patterns in cytosol, viscosity of cell suspension were studied in erythrocytes. Passive cotransport of H+ and Cl- ions via erythrocyte membrane was increased with augmentation in viscosity of(More)
Analysis of exhaled breath condensate (EBC) is a new prospective method for monitoring of inflammation and oxidative stress in lungs. The most extensively studied exhaled biomarker is nitric oxide (NO). It has very short life span and is converted into nitrites (NO2-) and nitrates (NO3-). In this study the level of NO2- and total level of NO2-/NO3- have(More)
The common complication of pulmonary tuberculosis is pleurisy that requires not only special treatments, but also gives rise to difficulties in the differential diagnosis of tuberculosis. The investigation has studied the possibility of determining the activity of adenosine deaminase (ADA) as a marker of pleural effusion of tuberculous etiology. The(More)
Interstitial fibrosis was modelled in 100 male rats by means of a single intratracheal administration of bleomycin (0,5 U/100 g of body mass). The stimulation and activation of secretory activity of large (granular) epitheliocytes (alveolocytes of the 2nd type) and alveolar macrophages with maximum alterations were found 3 weeks later, when in the lungs(More)
Sixty seven patients with sarcoidosis and 12 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis were examined. A control group comprised 9 apparently healthy individuals. The alveolar macrophages (AM) isolated from the bronchoalveolar washing (BAW) of patients with both sarcoidosis and tuberculosis secreted elevated amounts of IL-6 (by 11 and 5.6 times, respectively) as(More)
Influence of lung macrophages and their contact with a surfactant on the fibroblast proliferative capacity was studied. It was found that fibroblasts added to the medium after culturing macrophages isolated from the rat lungs 3 weeks after intratracheal bleomycin administration led to a lower incorporation of 3H-thymidine into the fibroblast fraction(More)
The surfactant was isolated from rat lung tissue and its effect on biosynthesis of DNA, RNA and protein as well as content of cyclic nucleotides and prostaglandins was studied in macrophages. When the surfactant was incubated simultaneously with lung macrophages within 6 hrs, an initial inhibition and subsequent activation of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis(More)
The results of studying the diagnostic value of changes in the pleural fluid and serum activities of adenosine deaminase (ADA) and its isozymes are analyzed in Byelorussian patients with tuberculous pleurisy. There is an increased serum and pleural fluid ADA activity in the patients with tuberculous pleurisy caused mainly by a rise in ADA2 activity. The(More)