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We examined 204 children (137 boys and 67 girls) aged 12 years and under with septic arthritis. Their mean age was 31.1 months (1 to 144; SD 41.6). The most common joints affected were the knees and shoulders. Joints in the upper limb were affected more often in younger children and in the lower limb in those who were older. The mean age for an infection(More)
We undertook a prospective study of 61 children in Malawi with septic arthritis of the shoulder. They were randomised into two groups, treated by aspiration (group 1, 31 patients) or arthrotomy (group 2, 30 patients). Both received antibiotics for six weeks. We studied the results of blood tests, microbiology, and the clinical and radiological outcome one(More)
Common clinical practice in many tropical paediatric departments is that chloramphenicol courses are limited to 2 weeks due to concerns about anaemia. However, this approach is not supported by current research and animal models. We used chloramphenicol for 6 weeks in 146 children with septic arthritis. All the children improved clinically. Most children(More)
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