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We investigate some discrete structural properties of evolutionary trees generated under simple null models of speciation, such as the Yule model. These models have been used as priors in Bayesian approaches to phylogenetic analysis, and also to test hypotheses concerning the speciation process. In this paper we describe new results for three properties of(More)
Monkeys were trained to make saccades to briefly flashed targets. We presented the flash during smooth pursuit of another target, so that there was a smooth change in eye position after the flash. We could then determine whether the flash-evoked saccades compensated for the intervening smooth eye movements to point the eyes at the position of the flash in(More)
Total mercury was analysed in 188 samples of predatory fish purchased at the retail level in Canada in 2005. The average concentrations (ng g(-1), range) were: sea bass 329 (38-1367), red snapper 148 (36-431), orange roughy 543 (279-974), fresh water trout 55 (20-430), grouper 360 (8-1060), black cod 284 (71-651), Arctic char 37 (28-54), king fish 440(More)
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