A. D. Koenig

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Computer-based instructional simulations are becoming more and more ubiquitous, particularly in military and medical domains. As the technology that drives these simulations grows ever more sophisticated, the underlying pedagogical models for how instruction, assessment, and feedback are implemented within these systems must evolve accordingly. In this(More)
Assessment of complex task performance is crucial to evaluating personnel in critical job functions such as Navy damage control operations aboard ships. Games and simulations can be instrumental in this process, as they can present a broad range of complex scenarios without involving harm to people or property. However, automatic performance assessment of(More)
I/O subsystem E. W. Chencinski M. A. Check C. DeCusatis H. Deng M. Grassi T. A. Gregg M. M. Helms A. D. Koenig L. Mohr K. Pandey T. Schlipf T. Schober H. Ulrich C. R. Walters The performance, reliability, and functionality of a large server are greatly influenced by the design characteristics of its I/O subsystem. The critical components of the IBM System(More)
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