A. D. Joffe

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OBJECTIVES We examine the utility of pooling data from the 1987 through 1994 Maryland Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance system (BRFSS) surveys in order to increase sample size, and we investigate the social and demographic correlates of smoking in Maryland among 18-24-year-olds. METHODS The data are from 1,714 subjects who were between 18 and 24 years(More)
Denote by C, K, X, respectively, a complex plane, the disc {z e C: \z\ < 1} and any compact Hausdorff space. Denote by P a set of probabilistic measures defined on Borel subsets of the space X. For (i£?, let f(z) = Sx q(z> t) dp, z G K, and 9 m {/: |ief). Consider a finite sequence of real functions F0, F}, . . . , Fm defined in the space R2". Let f,, .. .,(More)
To establish the psychometric properties of the state form of the Depression Adjective Check List (DACL) with elderly Israeli, a 1981 Hebrew version of the DACL by Lomranz, Lubin, Eyal, and Medini, along with the Zung Self-rating Depression Scale and Cantril's Self-anchoring Striving Scale, were administered to 86 independently functioning elderly persons(More)
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