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Enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) describes the phenomenon of increased light output in the luminol oxidation reaction catalysed by horseradish peroxidase (HRP) in the presence of certain compounds, such as para-iodophenol. In this work, the effects of phenol on the para-iodophenol-enhanced HRP-catalysed chemiluninescent reaction intensity in an aqueous(More)
A theoretical kinetic model describing the behavior of a receptor-enzyme system during formation of drug addiction is considered in this article. The model assumes concomitant action of narcotic on at least two targets with opposite effects. Theoretical kinetic principles that the system must satisfy for the development of drug addiction are formulated.(More)
From recycling/de-inking pulp residues of paper industry, ThermoFiberGen Inc. (Bedford, Massachusetts) makes absorbent granules currently marketed under the trade name BIODAC. In this work it was demonstrated the possibility to use the granules of BIODAC 12/20 as the carrier to microorganisms that can be useful for bioremediation applications. As studying(More)
In this study the effect of prostaglandins E1 and E2 (PGE1 and PGE2 ) administration was compared with the effect of administration of enzymatic preparation with prostaglandin H-synthase (PGHS) activity. The preparation of solubilized microsomes with PGHS activity was obtained from bovine vesicular glands in the presence of calcium ions. All orthodontic(More)
We describe two types of models. In the first one it is assumed that regulation of enzyme activity occurs by the product of the enzyme reaction. In the second it is assumed that concomitant action of ligand occurs on at least two targets with opposite effects (dual-action model). Kinetic analysis of models of the first type shows that homeostatic response(More)
We have studied the kinetics of the conservative behavior of systems which are subject to the dual action of an external effector or a negative feedback. Conditions have been found under which the dual-action mechanism produces conservative behavior. Negative feedback alone was shown not to produce the conservative behavior of an enzyme-receptor system.
This work includes some observations of the chemiluminescent reaction behavior in the system surfactant (Triton X-100 and Aerosol OT) -water-organic solvent (octane and hexane). The HRP-chemiluminescent activity was detected without the surfactant or using low surfactant concentration (less than 0.01 M). The greatest activity was observed applying the(More)
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