A. D. Grine

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Excitation of resonant plasmon modes by far-infrared (FIR) radiation in a quantum-well transistor is used to analyze the spectral content of FIR illumination at frequencies between 0.58 and 0.99 THz. A split grating gate design that allows localized pinch-off of the transistor channel greatly enhances FIR response and allows completely electrical tuning of(More)
Single-mode 75 mum x 37 mum rectangular waveguide components, including horn antennas, couplers, and bends, for operation at 3 THz have been designed and fabricated using thick gold micromachining. THz transmission through these waveguides has been quasi-optically measured at 2.92 THz. This technology offers the potential for realizing miniature integrated(More)
Terahertz quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) have been used together with a monolithic planar Schottky diode receiver to study the heterodyne mixing between dual internal modes of a QCL and between a single mode of a QCL and a known molecular line from a molecular gas laser. Dual-mode mixing shows that the intrinsic linewidth of a free-running QCL is les30 kHz .(More)
Gold rectangular waveguides suitable for single mode operation at frequencies near 3 THz have been micromachined using silicon microfabrication methods. The design, fabrication, and loss characteristics of these waveguides will be presented. On-chip integration of these waveguide structures with THz quantum cascade laser (QCL) sources has been achieved and(More)
This paper presents heterodyne mixer measurements at 2.9 THz using quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) as sources. The linewidth of the laser was explored by biasing it to run in dual mode operation and observing the linewidth of the beat note. In addition the frequency of the QCL is determined by beating it against a deuterated methanol line from a molecular gas(More)
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