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PERTHES' disease is a condition affecting children's hips in which the upper femoral epiphysis apparently becomes avascular and then revascularises over the next few years. We have undertaken a long term follow-up of patients with Perthes' disease to assess the outcome of the disease process over a long period of time with regard to the clinical condition(More)
A series of novel <sup>6</sup>Li-loaded plastic scintillation films have been designed and fabricated to detect thermal neutrons. Organolithium salts containing enriched <sup>6</sup>Li were synthesized and interspersed in a series of matrices comprising a polymer doped with an antenna fluor. Thermal neutron capture by <sup>6</sup>Li produces charged(More)
A microwave technique for the measurement of average moisture content of stacked timber during kiln drying has been developed. This technique based upon a linear array of slots in a waveguide has been modelled and experimentally verified. The experimental trials using standard kiln drying schedules have shown the technique to be accurate to within 1%.
ARTHROTOMY of the knee joint for the removal of a torn or degenerate meniscus is a common orthopaedic procedure. Demands on bed occupancy are usually high. Different methods of management have been advocated in the early post operative period ranging from weight bearing and knee bending within twenty four hours after operation ' to ten days bed rest in(More)
The phenomenon of phonological opacity has been the subject of much debate in recent years, with scholars opposed to the Optimality Theory (OT) research program arguing that opacity proves OT must be false, while the solutions proposed within OT, such as sympathy theory and stratal OT , have proved to be unsatisfying to many OT proponents, who have found(More)
An electromagnetic analysis of a coaxially-excited coaxial cavity is presented. Equations are derived for the fields inside the cavity, the currents on the conducting walls, and for the cavity admittance. An accurate approximate method for calculating the losses in the cavity walls and the effect on the admittance is also reported. Experimental results are(More)
INTRODUCTION MYELOGRAPHY with water-soluble contrast media to establish the diagnosis of prolapsed intervertebral discs is an established part of orthopaedic practice. The perfect myelographic contrast medium has not yet been developed. Ideally, it would be free of complications, be absorbed quickly from the CSF, and give a high diagnostic accuracy. The(More)
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