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OBJECTIVE To determine whether nutrition support team (NST) management of enterally fed patients is cost-beneficial and to compare primary outcomes of care between team and nonteam management. DESIGN A quasi-experimental study was conducted over a 7-month period. SETTING A 400-bed community hospital. SUBJECTS A convenience sample of 136 subjects who(More)
A Stochastic Turing machine (STM) is a Turing machine that can perform nondeterministic and probabilistic moves and alternate between both types. Such devices are also called games against nature, Arthur-Merlin games, or interactive proof systems with public coins. We investigate stochastic machines with space resources between constant and logarithmic(More)
In several settings derandomization is known to follow from circuit lower bounds that themselves are equivalent to the existence of pseudorandom generators. This leaves open the question whether derandomization implies the circuit lower bounds that are known to imply it, i.e., whether the ability to derandomize in any way implies the ability to do so in the(More)
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