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The purpose of this report is to describe 4 cases of Biermer's anemia observed in West Africa over a 7-year period. Severe asthenia was the main clinical manifestation. Laboratory tests consistently demonstrated macrocytic anemia usually with a deep drop in hemoglobin levels ranging from 40 to 84 g/l associated with various degrees of thrombocytopenia or(More)
Prevalence of priapism and knowledge on this disease was assessed by interviewing a group of 114 sickle cell anemia patients, 5 years and older, considered to be genotypically homogenous (Benin or #19 haplotype). Prevalence of priapism in homozygous sickle cell patients was 26.3% (30/114) and that of the control group of subjects with Hb AA was 2% (2/102)(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare in a randomized study the efficacy and the toxicity of the new WHO intravenous quinine treatment of cerebral malaria including a loading dose regimen to a regimen without loading dose. PATIENTS AND METHODS Seventy-two children eight months to 15 years of age with cerebral malaria were included. Quinine formiate was administered to a(More)
AIM This study was designed to assess the efficacy and the safety of fluoroquinolones in their compassionate use for acute osteomyelitis in children with sickle cell disease in a tropical country. PATIENTS AND METHODS This study was non comparative, including twelve children (eight SS, three SC and one SEzerothalassemia) treated for acute osteomyelitis(More)
BACKGROUND This study is an evaluation of the first year ambulatory follow up of patients from the sickle-cell care centre of the paediatric ward of the teaching hospital in Lomé-Tokoin. PATIENTS AND METHODS Togo is situated in the epicentre of the Benin haplotype. A total of 132 patients (109 SS, 22 SC and 1 S beta zero thal) followed up during one year(More)
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