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This work demonstrates a polycrystalline silicon surface-micromachined inchworm actuator that exhibits high-performance characteristics such as large force (/spl plusmn/0.5 millinewtons), large velocity range (0 to /spl plusmn/4.4 mm/sec), large displacement range (/spl plusmn/100 microns), small step size (/spl plusmn/10, /spl plusmn/40 or /spl plusmn/100(More)
The feasibility of using temperature and humidity to age vapor-deposited SAM-coated electrostatic-actuated MEMS devices with contacting surfaces was determined. Failures were dependent on both temperature and humidity. The trend indicated longer life at both lower temperatures and lower humidity levels. Using cantilever beams, measurements reveal(More)
A power switching system combining a MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) switch and an arc suppression circuit has been developed. The system, using a single 3mm × 3mm MEMS switch die coupled with protection electronics, has been demonstrated to switch both resistive loads and inductive loads to a peak power of around 800W. The entire opening and(More)
Using a high-performance polycrystalline-silicon micromachined actuator that also functions as a friction tester, we have found frictional forces that cannot be explained by Amontons' law with a constant coefficient of friction. In our friction test, a constant tangential force is applied while normal load is ramped down at a rate \mathdot<i>F</i>(More)
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