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Electrophysiological characteristics of transepithelial Cl-specific conductance (gCl) and intracellular element concentrations were analyzed in frog skins before and during voltage perturbation to serosa +100 mV, both under control conditions and after mucosal application of procaine. Under control conditions, gCl was often minimal and almost insensitive to(More)
The possible participation of mitochondria-rich cells in transepithelial Na+ transport across frog skin under "physiological conditions" (low apical [Na+], open circuited) was analysed by recording electrophysiological parameters from principal cells with intracellular microelectrodes and using measurement of Rb+ uptake into the epithelial cells from the(More)
Measurements of the distribution of Na, P, Cl and K were performed in different structures of the myelinated nerve. Whereas the axon shows a typical intracellular distribution pattern for Na, Cl and K, the interstitial space and the myelin sheath show a typical extracellular pattern. These measurements have demonstrated that Na is present in the myelin(More)
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