A. Díaz Cano

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According to the comparator process hypothesis (Matute, Arcediano, & Miller, 1996), cue competition in the learning of between-events relationships arises if the judgement required involves a comparison between the probability of the outcome given the target cue and the probability of the outcome given the competing cue. Alternatively, other associative(More)
The development of a wireless sensor network for soil moisture measurements, in a wide reference area of 10 x 10 km<sup>2</sup>, is described in this work. Some automatic measurement stations were strategically placed following soil homogeneity and land uses criteria. These stations include acquisition, conditioning and communication systems. The(More)
In this work, active films based on starch and PVA (S:PVA ratio of 2:1) were developed by incorporating neem (NO) and oregano essential oils (OEO). First, a screening of the antifungal effectiveness of different natural extracts (echinacea, horsetail extract, liquid smoke and neem seed oil) against two fungus (P. expansum and A. niger) was carried out. The(More)
This paper presents results of porous Sic characterization using photoluminescence, Raman scattering and Atomic Force Microscopy. A comparative optical spectroscopy study on bulk Sic and porous Sic layers has shown a number of new features specific to nano-crystallite materials. The role of these effects on optical spectroscopy data in porous Sic accessed(More)
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