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The FAST [1][2] (Fusion Advanced Studies Torus) load assembly, which includes the Vacuum Vessel (VV) and its internal components, the magnet system and the poloidal field coils, is presented in this paper. FAST operates at a wide range [3][4] of parameters from high performance H-Mode (BT up to 8.5 T; IP up to 8 MA) as well as Advance Tokamak operation(More)
Fusion Advanced Studies Torus (FAST) conceptual study has been proposed as possible European ITER Satellite. This facility is aimed at exploring and preparing ITER operation scenarios as well as helping DEMO design and R&D. This paper presents the plasma position and shape control studies, focusing on the machine flexibility in terms of both operational(More)
The Background and Objectives: A sciatic nerve block at the level of the popliteal fossa is frequently administered for post-operative analgesia for surgery below the knee. While ultrasound continues to gain popularity as the technique of choice for guiding needle positioning during peripheral nerve blocks, practitioners can begin to utilize ultrasound to(More)
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