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A 63-year-old man with a history of myeloblastic-monocytic leukaemia developed partly suppurating cutaneous nodules on the lower left leg. The nodules proceeded to spread in a linear fashion up the limb, following the line of the lymphatic drainage. Mycological examination of a skin biopsy demonstrated Scedoporium apiospermum. This case highlights the(More)
63 year old patient is presented with myelo-monocytic leukemia, in whom subcutaneous nodules developed at the lower limb, spreading along the lymph vessels, and partly ulcerating. By mycologic investigation Scedosporium apiospermum was disclosed. Attention is drawn to human infections brought about by opportunistic Scedosporium species.
Authors applied blood-gas analysis in 30 healthy gravid women on 3,3 occassions making out 90 cases altogether by blood samples taken from the pulp of the finger capillaries. As a control 27 healthy non-gravid women were examined for comparative analysis. In 10 cases between the 16. and 28. week the results of samples taken from the arteria femoralis and(More)
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