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This paper describes a spoken dialogue system based on a generic specication of a cooperative communicating rational agent. We present some theoretical and practical apects of the overall approach, along with the speech-specic and natural language related issues raised by the eective implementation of the system. An account is also given of an evaluation of(More)
In order to justify the use of meridional analysis, the authors solve the Eikonal equation without approximationin two cases of index profile. Limit conditions are studied and attention is given to skew rays with inclination over the fiber axis greater than the critical angle of the meridional case. It is shown that skew rays introduce a queue in the(More)
This paper deals with the investigation of the ray delay in gradient waveguides with any transverse refractive profile. A perturbation method is used for the calculations. It becomes apparent that the delay differences in the pure gradient medium are very small for any decreasing profile and that they are of an order of magnitude of those found in a(More)
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