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Modulation of beta-adrenoreceptor expression by tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) was investigated in murine 3T3-F442A adipocytes. TNF-alpha treatment of mature adipocytes decreased beta3-adrenoreceptor mRNA content in a time- and concentration-dependent manner, with a 8.5-fold decrease observed after a 6-h exposure to 300 pM TNF-alpha.(More)
The paraformaldehyde-fixed hearts of adult rats were embedded in paraffin. Serial sections throughout the interatrial septum and the atrioventricular junction were examined in the optical microscope after having been silver stained. The density and the distribution of different nervous elements in the perinodal nerve plexus were studied and the results(More)
The microanatomy and ultrastructure of rat heart atrioventricular junction were studied on serial sections of both paraffin and epoxy embedded samples. The animals were pretreated with 5-hydroxy-dopamine in order to differentiate the adrenergic component of the terminal nerve plexus. Two kinds of ganglia could be identified throughout the interatrial septum(More)
1. In mice and guinea-pigs, the number of glomeruli was counted in kidneys during normal growth and in hypertrophy induced by unilateral nephrectomy. 2. In mice, the number of glomeruli increased sharply during the first 2 weeks in life, and more slowly afterwards. Unilateral nephrectomy, when performed during this period of natural increase, induced the(More)
We have developed a pigmented human skin equivalent by inserting a punch biopsy of human infant foreskin as a source of epidermis into a collagen lattice (dermal equivalent). Using a conventional epidermal culture medium and stimulation with UVB irradiation or 8-MOP + UVA treatment, melanocytes were found to grow out from the biopsy with the epidermal(More)
Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteases (TIMP) is a major regulator of extracellular matrix synthesis and degradation. Moreover elevated tissue inhibitor of metalloproteases levels are found in the blister fluid of many diseases, suggesting that tissue inhibitor of metalloproteases plays a role in epidermal and dermal wound healing. The aim of this work was to(More)
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