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Tetrodotoxin (TTX) shortens Purkinje fiber action potential duration (APD) at concentrations (greater than or equal to 3.3 x 10(-8) M) lower than that at which the maximum rate of rise decreases (approximately 10(-6) M). The shortening effect of TTX occurs either at low or high driving rate and is much greater in Purkinje fibers than in bundle branch and(More)
It has been suggested in a previous article [Escande et al., Am. J. Physiol. 249 (Heart Circ. Physiol. 18): H843-H850, 1985] that transient outward currents may participate in the initial repolarization of human atrial fibers. The present study substantiates the existence of such currents in human myocardium. Membrane currents were recorded in enzymatically(More)
In batrachotoxin (BTX)-treated frog node of Ranvier, in spite of a marked reduction in Na inactivation, the Na current still presents a time- and voltage-dependent inactivation that could induce a 50-60% decrease in the current. The inactivation was found to be modified by changing the amplitude of a conditioning pulse, adding tetrodotoxin in the external(More)
Mechanosensitive ion channels from Escherichia coli were studied in giant proteoliposomes reconstituted from an inner membrane fraction, or in giant round cells in which the outer membrane and the cell wall had been disrupted by a lysozyme-EDTA treatment and a mild osmotic shock. Patch-clamp experiments revealed the presence in these two preparations of an(More)
Inner and outer membranes of Escherichia coli and contact zones were isolated and fused separately with giant liposomes amenable to patch-clamp recording. Different types of large pressure-activated channels were localized in the inner membrane fraction which also contained smaller, pressure-insensitive channels. The outer membrane contained(More)
This study investigated the relationship between the level of arousal (Heart Rate) and the number of erroneous perceptions among video poker players. Twelve regular and twelve occasional gamblers participated in a gambling session conducted in a natural environment. It was hypothesised that 1) a significant positive correlation would be observed between(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of our study was to determine the main electrophysiological alterations associated with cardiac dilation in MS200 strain Syrian hamsters, a model of genetically determined cardiomyopathy. METHODS Ventricular action potentials (APs) were recorded with standard microelectrodes in isolated hearts from 120-day-old cardiomyopathic (strain(More)
1. The whole-cell voltage-clamp technique was applied to isolated rat ventricular myocytes to investigate the effects of D600 (10(-9)-10(-3) M) on the intracellular calcium-independent component of transient outward current. I(lo), recorded in a sodium-free medium containing 0.5 x 10(-3) M-cadmium and 10(-6) M-ryanodine. 2. Externally applied D600 reduced(More)
The Cai(2+)-insensitive transient outward current, ilo was studied at 20-24 degrees C in rat ventricular myocytes with the whole cell recording patch-clamp technique. The current was recorded before and after replacement of chloride by methanesulfonate or aspartate or in the absence and the presence of chloride channel blockers, SITS or 9-anthracene(More)
Ca2+- and Ba2+-permeable channel activity from adult rat ventricular myocytes, spontaneously appeared in the three single-channel recording configurations: cell-attached, and excised inside-out or outside-out membrane patches. Single-channel activity was recorded at steady-state applied membrane potentials including the entire range of physiologic values,(More)