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Interannual variations in CO2 exchange across Amazonia, as deduced from atmospheric inversions, correlate with El Niño occurrence. They are thought to result from changes in net ecosystem exchange and fire incidence that are both related to drought intensity. Alterations to net ecosystem production (NEP) are caused by changes in gross primary production(More)
Photosynthesis is one of the most important processes in plant biology and in the development of new methodologies that allow a better understanding and characterization of the photosynthetic status of organisms, which is invaluable. Flow cytometry (FCM) is an excellent tool for measuring fluorescence and physical proprieties of particles but it has seldom(More)
The shape, position and amplitude of the natural resonance curve of external ear is related to sensation evoked in a subject by sound coming from the external environment. The involution of this curve varies from individual and is the sum of the effects provoked on the incident sound by the head, auricle and the conformation of canal (EEE = External Ear(More)
A polarization mode dispersion (PMD) emulator and compensator device is proposed. The PMD device is obtained using a Hi-Bi fibre Bragg grating (Hi-Bi FBG) and a stress induced birefringence in a uniform FBG. This birefringence is achieved by applying transverse and uniform distributed force on the uniform fibre Bragg grating creating a tuneable differential(More)
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