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Interannual variations in CO2 exchange across Amazonia, as deduced from atmospheric inversions, correlate with El Niño occurrence. They are thought to result from changes in net ecosystem exchange and fire incidence that are both related to drought intensity. Alterations to net ecosystem production (NEP) are caused by changes in gross primary production(More)
The purpose of this document is to provide radiologists with a simple, but realistic means of determining the individual dose delivered to a patient during a radiological examination both in the region under investigation and at any other particularly sensitive organs. Fourteen types of examinations were considered corresponding to those most frequently(More)
The authors describe the equipment and methods of calculation used for a system of automatic conversational dosimetry with a mini-computer. They present the dialogue of the physician with the calculator and indicate the conditions they required of such a system: i.e. rapidity of response, simplicity of use, verification of data, precision, adaptability.(More)
The shape, position and amplitude of the natural resonance curve of external ear is related to sensation evoked in a subject by sound coming from the external environment. The involution of this curve varies from individual and is the sum of the effects provoked on the incident sound by the head, auricle and the conformation of canal (EEE = External Ear(More)
A Monte Carlo code MCNPX (Monte Carlo N-particle) was used to model a 25 MV photon beam from a PRIMUS (KD2-Siemens) medical linear electron accelerator at the Centre Antoine Lacassagne in Nice. The entire geometry including the accelerator head and the water phantom was simulated to calculate the dose profile and the relative depth-dose distribution. The(More)
In order to optimize quality and security in the delivery of radiation treatment, the French SFRO (Société française de radiothérapie oncologique) is publishing a Guide for Radiotherapy. This guide is realized according to the HAS (Haute Autorité de santé) methodology of "structured experts consensus". This document is made of two parts: a general(More)
Reports have appeared in the literature regarding biological damage to human cells following exposure to diagnostic ultrasound. We have examined the effects of diagnostic ultrasound (Sonel 400, C.G.R.) on human cell lines established in our laboratory. We report here that exposure to diagnostic ultrasound, at maximum exposure intensity and at exposure time(More)