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To assess the role that action on sodium channels may play in the physiological effects of cocaine and to obtain information on the structure-activity relationships of this action, cocaine, norcocaine, N-allynorcocaine, (+)-pseudococaine, (-)-pseudococaine, (+/-)-allococaine, (+/-)-allopseudococaine, ecgonine, ecgonine methyl ester, O-benzoylecgonine and(More)
1. Prostaglandin synthetase activity was found in a microsomal fraction from human rheumatoid synovia. 2. The microsomes produced PGE2 and a small amount of PGF2 when incubated with arachidonic acid. 3. The pH optimum of the enzyme from this source was similar to that found with microsomal preparations from rabbit renal medullae and bovine seminal vesicles.(More)
The case of a snake handler with envenoming due to Australian taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus) showing marked morphological changes in his red blood cells is presented. The red cells underwent sphero-echinocytic transformation and in subsequent experiments in vitro the effects of taipan venom on red cells were further characterized. Taipan venom induced(More)
BACKGROUND The pan-histone deacetylase inhibitor panobinostat is a potential therapy for malignant glioma, but it is water insoluble and does not cross the blood-brain barrier when administered systemically. In this article, we describe the in vitro and in vivo efficacy of a novel water-soluble nano-micellar formulation of panobinostat designed for(More)
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