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OBJECTIVES To determine the extent to which the various treatment modalities are used in the management of acoustic neuromas treated in South Africa and to estimate the incidence of acoustic neuromas in South Africa. METHODS A telephonic survey was conducted of all otorhinolaryngologists, neurosurgeons, and radiotherapy centers in South Africa to(More)
BACKGROUND There is an apparent high incidence of tracheal stenosis in the Bloemfontein area. The aim of this study was to determine intensive care unit (ICU) staff knowledge of the use and care of endotracheal and tracheostomy tube cuffs. METHODS One hundred and twelve qualified nurses, working in 11 different ICUs, were asked to complete an anonymous(More)
Microbiological analyses and antibiotic sensitivity tests were done on 26 patients with acute maxillary sinusitis during the first 9 months of 1986. Positive cultures were obtained in 23 of the patients, with anaerobes cultured in 13 (50%). Haemophilus influenzae was cultured in all non-producers of beta-lactamase. Therapy with erythromycin and(More)
BACKGROUND Studies in patients with allergic rhinitis living in the Free State have showed grass pollens to be the predominant allergens, with house-dust mite sensitisation being less prevalent than in the coastal areas and a low rate of sensitisation to the storage mite Lepidoglyphus destructor. No studies have been conducted on sensitisation to the other(More)
efficiency opportunities in data centers H. F. Hamann T. G. van Kessel M. Iyengar J.-Y. Chung W. Hirt M. A. Schappert A. Claassen J. M. Cook W. Min Y. Amemiya V. López J. A. Lacey M. O’Boyle The combination of rapidly increasing energy use of data centers (DCs), which is triggered by dramatic increases in IT (information technology) demands, and increases(More)
This prospective study aimed to determine speech understanding in neurofibromatosis type II (NF2) patients following implantation of a MED-EL COMBI 40+ auditory brainstem implant (ABI). Patients (n = 32) were enrolled postsurgically. Nonauditory side effects were evaluated at fitting and audiological performance was determined using the Sound Effects(More)
In this study the effect of complete visual stimulus deprivation and manipulation of auditory timing signals during this deprivation on pacing strategy during an exercise bout were examined. 7 moderately trained men completed four 40-km cycling time trials under laboratory conditions in either normal light or absolute darkness, with either correct or(More)
Although pulmonary hypertension secondary to upper airway obstruction caused by adenotonsillar hyperplasia has been well described, the association between laryngeal papillomatosis and pulmonary hypertension has not previously been documented. We report three patients with pulmonary hypertension due to upper airway obstruction caused by laryngeal(More)
Human papilloma virus-induced recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis is considered a troublesome and dangerous disease, because it can cause airway obstruction. Better understanding of metabolic pathways followed under pathological conditions can contribute to improved therapies by which growth and recurrence may be obviated. Part I of this study presents a(More)