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Abstract: This paper presents the realization of a four-terminal floating nullor (FTFN), which is simple configuration comprised three OTAs. The external bias currents of the OTAs can electronically adjust the current gain of the proposed FTFN. The realization method is suitable for implementation in monolithic integrated form. To demonstrate the circuit(More)
This paper proposes the technique to adjust the roll and pitch directions of the flex suspension assembly in a disk drive production. The adjustment is accomplished using a number of laser beam projections, which can be approximated using the polynomial regression model of the existing measured roll and pitch directions. Information derived from the(More)
This paper presents a CMOS circuit technique for realization of the current-mode multiple-input max/min circuit. The maximum and minimum functions are incorporated into the same scheme with parallel processing. The design strategy is based on the use of MOS transistor operating at the edge of conduction. The proposed circuit performs a low-distortion in the(More)
This paper presents an upgrading cooling system to minimize the energy costs based on the energy saving. The proposed technique uses a plate-and-frame heat exchanger to replace the traditional worm cooler. The performances of the proposed upgrading were observed using a cooling system of the composite plant in Thailand as an illustrative case study. The(More)
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