A Chaibainou

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Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors (MPNST) are exceptional and painful. The typical localization along a peripheral nerve is not always present. Prognosis is very poor. Diagnosis is particularly difficult because of the variable pathological presentation and unpredictable differentiation. We report an exceptional case of epithelioid differentiation in(More)
BACKGROUND Sarcoïdosis is a benign systemic granulomatosis whose aetiology remains unknown. Lung is the most frequently involved organ. The pseudoalveolar form of this disease is known to have an acute onset and is quite uncommon. Therefore, diagnosing such a rare variety of sarcoidosis is rather often challenging. OBSERVATIONS In the present article, the(More)
Cystic adenoid carcinoma (CAC) of the trachea, also called cylindroma, is a rare malignant tumor accounting for 1 per thousand of all respiratory tract cancers. We report three cases of cylindroma in patients hospitalized for inspiratory dyspnea due to a tracheal tumor. Bronchoscopy using a rigid tube revealed a smooth tumor of the trachea. Pathology(More)
INTRODUCTION Tuberculosis of the eyelid and its development in the setting of multifocal tuberculosis is exceptionally rare. CASE REPORT The authors report a new observation of multifocal tuberculosis in a non-immunosuppressed woman of 28 years with histologically confirmed pleural and palpebral involvement. A paradoxical reaction was seen following the(More)
INTRODUCTION Giant-cell tumors of bone are rare primary neoplasms commonly encountered in young adults. Women are slightly more affected than men. CASE REPORT We report the case a 27 year old woman presenting with a twelve months history of painful and progressively growing thoracic mass in the right anterior chest wall. Physical examination found out a(More)
Congenital esophagobronchial fistulae are uncommon anomalies generally discovered during the neonatal period due to overt symptoms. Rarely symptoms are discrete, leading to discovery in adulthood; exceptionally the patients are totally symptom free or present minimal signs such as coughing at ingestion of fluids. Less than 200 adult cases have been reported(More)
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