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We report a clinic-endoscopical study about 365 patients, both of sex, between 26-95 years old, with colonoscopic diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Results showed that 61,92% were men and 38,08% women; in 92,60% the disease ocurred over 40 years old. 13,42% had malignant personal history -colorectal cancer, uterus and breast cancer, and others-; 13,97% had(More)
  • A Celestino
  • 1995
Lower digestive bleeding is the bleeding distal to the ligament of Treitz and ranges from occult loss to massive hemorrhage. Acute and massive form represents about 20% of all gastrointestinal acute bleeding. In children and young patients the most frequent causes are juvenile, polyps Meckel diverticula, and intussusception; in adult ages are the(More)
598 colorectal polyps were removed by therapeutic colonoscopy from 377 patients, of both sexes, between 1 and 88 years old, most of them with lower digestive symptoms. The polyps were unique in 67.37% and multiple in 32.63% of patients, and mostly located in rectum and sigmoid colon; 42.14% were pedunculated, 33.95% sessile++/sub-pedunculated, and 23.91%(More)
23 patients that they swallowed foreign bodies, were treated. There were 16 male and 7 female, between 3 and 85 years old; 6 children and 17 adults. Of all, 7 were psychiatric patients. 15 foreign bodies were removed by upper digestive fiberendoscopy and 2, by procto/colonoscopy, without early nor late complications. 8 foreign bodies were eliminated(More)
318 adenomatous polyps were removed by colonoscopic polypectomy, from two hundred patients, between 25 to 88 years old; 60.50% men, and 39.50% women. 86.50% of patients were older than 50 years old. In 64.50% of patients the adenomatous polyp was single, and 35.50% had "multiple adenoma"; the lesions distribution was 72.64% in the rectum-sigmoid colon. The(More)
Between 1974 and 1992, we perform 3,054 colonoscopies for diagnosis in 2,770 patients, both of sexes, between the ages of 1 and 101 yr, most of them over the fifth decade of life. In 300 procedures the bowel cleansing was made with the standard method of liquid diet and enemas, and in the other 2,754 with the oral administration of saline solution 9% with(More)
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