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A practical guide to information systems strategic planning Anita Cassidy. Includes bibliographical references and index. ABSTRACT This paper deals with strategic planning for management information systems. Specifically, those variables of the strategic plan.The Strategic Process: Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking. Two techniques with information(More)
Women (n 160) aged 50 to 65 years were asked to weigh their food for 4 d on four occasions over the period of 1 year, using the PETRA (Portable Electronic Tape Recorded Automatic) scales. Throughout the year, they were asked to complete seven other dietary assessment methods: a simple 24 h recall, a structured 24 h recall with portion size assessments using(More)
The influence of a diet containing soy protein on the hormonal status and regulation of the menstrual cycle was examined in six premenopausal women with regular ovulatory cycles. Soy protein (60 g containing 45 mg isoflavones) given daily for 1 mo significantly (P < 0.01) increased follicular phase length and/or delayed menstruation. Midcycle surges of(More)
Results from analysis of 24 h urine collections, verified for completeness with para-amino benzoic acid, and blood samples collected over 1 year were compared with 16 d weighed records of all food consumed collected over the year, and with results from 24 h recalls, food-frequency questionnaires and estimated food records in 160 women. Using the weighed(More)
To examine the hormonal effects of isoflavones, of which soyabean is a rich source, fifteen healthy nonvegetarian premenopausal women were studied over 9 months. They lived in a metabolic suite for between 4 and 6 months where their diet and activity levels were kept constant and their hormonal status was measured over two or three menstrual cycles. During(More)
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