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In previous articles we have developed a theory of down conversion in nonlinear crystals, based on the Wigner representation of the radiation field. Taking advantage of the fact that the Wigner function is always positive in parametric down conversion experiments, we construct a local hidden variables model where the amplitudes of the field modes are taken(More)
In this article we present a local hidden variables model for all experiments involving photon pairs produced in parametric down conversion, based on the Wigner representation of the radiation field. A modification of the standard quantum theory of detection is made in order to give a local realist explanation of the counting rates in photodetectors. This(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute cerebrovascular disease (ACVA) makes up a high proportion of the neurological patients admitted to hospital, but we do not know the exact figures in our setting. We consider that it would be useful if the use of health-care resources for attending these patients was to be evaluated and studied by the neurologists who direct them. (More)
INTRODUCTION In recent years Internet has drastically transformed the world of telecommunications. Questions about whether Internet and the global communication accessibility may be considered as a fundamental aspect in the medicine of today and tomorrow have been brought up. OBJECTIVE Discuss current and future applications of Internet to the field of(More)
We apply the Wigner formalism of quantum optics to study the role of the zeropoint field fluctuations in entanglement swapping produced via paramet-ric down conversion. It is shown that the generation of mode entanglement between two initially non interacting photons is related to the quadruple correlation properties of the electromagnetic field, through(More)
INTRODUCTION Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. The Intercellular Adhesion Molecule plays a fundamental part in the migration of T cells to the inflammed tissues. It is known that there is an increase in the expression of endothelial cells and other cells found in lesions of the central nervous system of(More)
We present a family study of multiple cavernomatosis which affected a boy of six, his mother and two brothers. It was seen clinically as epileptic crises, focal neurological defects and frequent headaches. In our case, the condition started as a syndrome of intracranial hypertension with progressive headache and vomiting. During the illness, localizing(More)
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