A. Candela

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The cholinergic system is involved in specific behavioural responses and cognitive processes. Here, we examined potential alterations in the brain levels of key cholinergic enzymes in cirrhotic patients and animal models with liver failure. An increase (~30%) in the activity of the acetylcholine-hydrolyzing enzyme, acetylcholinesterase (AChE) is observed in(More)
The availability of an animal model is crucial in studying the pathophysiological mechanisms of disease and to test possible therapies. Now, there are several models for the study of liver diseases, but there still remains a lack of a satisfactory animal model of chronic liver disease with hepatic encephalopathy (HE) and abnormalities in nitrogen(More)
Modulation of soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) by nitric oxide (NO) is altered in brain from cirrhotic patients. The aim of this work was to assess whether an animal model of cirrhosis, bile duct ligation, alone or combined with diet-induced hyperammonemia for 7-10 days reproduces the alterations in NO modulation of sGC found in brains from cirrhotic(More)
In recent years, the increasing number of donors from different regions of the world is providing a new challenge for the management and selection of suitable donors. This is a worldwide problem in most countries with transplantation programs, especially due to the increase in immigration and international travel. This paper elaborates recommendations(More)
— A Reference Network Model (RNM) is a large-scale distribution planning tool that can help regulators to estimate efficient costs in the context of incentive regulation applied to distribution companies. This paper presents the main features of an RNM developed for planning distribution networks from scratch, greenfield planning, or incrementally from an(More)
The glass Resistive Plate Chambers efficiency before and after water vapour flushing have been studied. The efficiency has been observed to rapidly drop to the level of 30% after a few days. After few hours of ammonia flushing, a full recover of the device occurred. Surprisingly, further flushing with water vapour had no effect on the efficiency, suggesting(More)
In this paper a Monte Carlo procedure for deriving frequency distributions of extreme discharges starting from a simplified description of rainfall and surface runoff processes and using regional data is presented. The procedure is based on two modules: a stochastic rainfall generator module and a catchment response module. In the rainfall generator module(More)
  • G Barichello, A Bergnoli, R Brugnera, A Candela, E Carrara, M D 'incecco +14 others
  • 2004
OPERA is one of the two detectors foreseen in the CERN Neutrino to Gran Sasso project, devoted to the detection of n m into n t oscillations in the parameter region suggested by SuperKamiokande data on atmospheric neutrinos. Bakelite RPCs will be used to instrument the iron yoke of the muon spectrometers. We present the results of long-term (greater than 6(More)