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We have fabricated an ultrasensitive nanomechanical resonator based on the extensional vibration mode to weigh the adsorbed water on self-assembled monolayers of DNA as a function of the relative humidity. The water adsorption isotherms provide the number of adsorbed water molecules per nucleotide for monolayers of single stranded (ss) DNA and after(More)
High resolution nanopatterning of graphene enables manipulation of electronic, optical and sensing properties of graphene. In this work we present a straightforward technique that does not require any lithographic mask to etch nanopatterns into graphene. The technique relies on the damaged graphene to be etched selectively in an oxygen rich environment with(More)
For highly integrated systems for bio and chemical analysis a precise and integrated measurement of temperature is of fundamental importance. We have developed an ultrasensitive thermometer based on a micromechanical resonator for operation in air. The high quality factor and the strong temperature dependence of the resonance frequency of these bulk(More)
We present a conceptually simple approach to nanolithographic patterning utilizing ex situ fabricated nanoporous masks from block copolymers. The fabricated block copolymer (BC) masks show predictable morphology based on the correlation between BC composition and bulk properties, independent of substrates' surface properties. The masks are prepared by(More)
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