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BACKGROUND Polypharmacy (ie, the use of multiple medications and/or the administration of more medications than are clinically indicated, representing unnecessary drug use) is common among the elderly. OBJECTIVE The goal of this research was to provide a description of observational studies examining the epidemiology of polypharmacy and to review(More)
OBJECTIVES Osteoprotegerin (OPG) is a protein expressed by osteoblasts that, linking the receptor activator of nuclear factor kappaB (RANK) ligand (RANKL), produced by osteoblasts, blocks the process of osteoclastic differentiation and modulates osteoclastic apoptosis. Raloxifene (RAL) stimulates the production of OPG from osteoblasts, as demonstrated in(More)
We tested the hypothesis that an education program addressing breast cancer screening schedules and modalities coupled with a breast cancer risk assessment provided by community pharmacists can increase women's confidence in performing screening practices endorsed by the American Cancer Society (ACS). This randomized, paired, pre-post study was conducted in(More)
Endometrial cancer is the most widely spread gynaecologic neoplasm in industrial countries. Mode of spread includes direct extension, lymphatic and haematic diffusion. Lymphatic involvement, particularly, is a topic of wide debate due to the strong therapeutic implications associated with it. In this regard, anatomic-surgical staging is better in that it(More)
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