A. C. Thompson

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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to describe and show effectiveness of the outreach team model of palliative care (PC) in allowing home death for children with incurable cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Over 7 months, 185 children from 22 United Kingdom oncology centers were recruited to a prospective questionnaire survey. RESULTS One hundred(More)
This study examines the associations, and possible causal relationship, between mothers' authoritarian attitudes to discipline and child behaviour using cross-sectional and prospective data from a large population sample surveyed in the 1970 British Cohort Study. Results show a clear linear relationship between the degree of maternal approval of(More)
Cyclin D1 is an important regulator of the transition from G1 into S phase of the cell cycle. The level to which cyclin D1 accumulates is tightly regulated. One mechanism contributing to the control of cyclin D1 levels is the regulation of its ubiquitination. SK-UT-1B cells are deficient in the degradation of D-type cyclins. We show here that p27, a(More)
To evaluate the clinical impact of FDG-PET in staging oesophageal cancer and whether this information improves prognostic stratification. Impact was based on comparison of a prospectively recorded pre-PET plan with post-PET treatment in 68 consecutive patients undergoing primary staging. Survival was analysed using the Kaplan-Meier product limit method and(More)
Column chromatography of the pentane extract of freeze-dried cotton buds or anthers yielded a wax-sterol ester fraction that exhibited potent feeding stimulant activity for the cotton boll weevil. The waxes of the wax-sterol ester mixture were responsible for the feeding activity. Saponification of the wax-sterol ester fraction yielded about 15% alcohols(More)
We report on acute and transient dyskinesia occurring within hours of taking modified-release methylphenidate (Concerta XL) in a stimulant-naïve 7-year-old boy who had recently stopped taking risperidone. We propose that the mechanism of this adverse drug reaction is likely to be an interaction between supersensitive dopamine receptors and acute exposure to(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Initial laboratory and clinical data suggest that partial liquid ventilation (PLV) can enhance pulmonary function and that lung growth can be induced via distension of the newborn lung using perfluorocarbon in patients with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). The authors, therefore, performed a prospective, randomized pilot study(More)
The three human D-type cyclins, cyclin D1, D2 and D3 share the ability to bind to and activate cdk4 and 6. MMTV-cyclin D1 transgenic mice develop mainly adenocarcinoma, while MMTV-cyclin D2 mice show a lack of alveologenesis during pregnancy and only develop carcinoma at low frequency. The effect of cyclin D3 overexpression in mammary glands remains(More)