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The National Research Council recently issued the report Driving and the Built Environment: The Effect of Compact Development on Motorized Travel, Energy Use, and CO 2 Emissions. This report is well-researched and well-written. This is not surprising since the NRC committee that produced the report—the Committee for the Study on the Relationships Among(More)
* Copies of these and other Urban Center publications are available on the web site, www.brookings.edu/urban, or by calling the Urban Center at (202) 797-6139. Foundation for their support of our work on metropolitan trends. The Center's Metropolitan Initiative aims to better understand the mix of market, demographic and policy trends that contribute to the(More)
* Copies of these and previous Brookings urban center publications are available on the web site, metropolitan trends. The center's Metropolitan Initiative aims to better understand the mix of market, demographic and policy trends that contribute to the growth and development patterns we see in metropolitan areas nationwide and to identify where possible,(More)
A fundamental purpose of traditional land-use controls is to exclude undesirable land uses from residential communities. However, such regulations have been shown to limit the ability of low-income households and people of colour to find suitable housing in decent neighbourhoods. Urban containment is an attempt to regulate land uses in ways that reduce if(More)
INTRODUCTION The tens of billions in federal stimulus funds for transportation, coming to states and regions at a time of substantial budget difficulties, adds urgency to the question " what is the best use of transportation dollars? " Transportation touches all aspects of our communities, but the current economic downturn and the stimulus have placed an(More)
The comprehensive PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway described in this report consists of 254 components and 478 links between them (for interactive visualization and edit, see the Cytoscape session file in the Supplementary Material). The interaction data were curated and compiled from 498 peer reviewed literature 1–498 .
Bus rapid transit (BRT) in the United States is relatively recent. BRT has many promises , one of which is enhancing the economic development prospects of firms locating along the route. Another is to improve overall metropolitan economic performance. In this article, we evaluate this issue with respect to one of the nation's newest BRT systems that(More)
Acknowledgments Good Jobs First gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Community and Resource Development Unit of the Ford Foundation, which made this research possible. We also wish to thank the many people who shared information and insights with us, though they are not responsible for our conclusions or any errors herein. The following(More)