A C McGrory

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Schizophrenia patients often display multiple repetitive behaviors. We investigated relations among nine repetitive behaviors and evaluated the hypothesis that these behaviors are varied manifestations of a single underlying biobehavioral disturbance. Nine repetitive behaviors from the Elgin Behavioral Rating Scale were assessed in 400 schizophrenia(More)
Estimating premorbid intelligence in schizophrenia is difficult because the illness affects aspects of premorbid and postmorbid functioning. We evaluated two qualitatively different estimates of premorbid intelligence in a sample of schizophrenia patients and tested whether: (1) the two indices were related and produced similar IQ estimates, and (2) either(More)
Many previous prevalence studies of polydipsia (PD) have utilized single and often non-biologic measures. In this study we estimated prevalence using specific gravity of urine (SPGU), normalized diurnal weight gain (NDWG), and staff identification (staff ID). Agreement between these two biologic and one behavioral measure was assessed. A total of 572(More)
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