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Line spread functions for four commercially available systems for direct digital intraoral radiography were determined from images of a slit of negligible width. From the fitted line spread functions presampling modulation transfer functions were calculated. The four systems were the Sens-A-Ray (Regam Medical System AB, Sundsvall, Sweden), the VIXA/Visualix(More)
To study the noise characteristics of the Sens-A-Ray (Regam Medical Systems AB, Sundsvall, Sweden) system, 20 radiographs were obtained at each of three different exposure levels at 70 and 90 kVp with a homogeneous x-ray field. Exposures were measured with an ionization chamber. Noise power spectra were calculated over three areas within each radiograph,(More)
The Sens-A-Ray system for direct digital intraoral radiography may be used with any computer compatible with an IBM PC/AT. The system relies on a charge-coupled device designed for direct conversion of x-ray energy to an electronic signal. It is the first such device for direct acquisition of radiographs. Technical properties of charge-coupled device(More)
Differences between sequential radiographs may be displayed in color if the individual radiographs are transformed into monochromatic images and then added. Information in regions where the radiographs are identical is retained whereas differences are emphasized by the color coding that comes about in a quantitative manner from the gray level values in the(More)
Hematogenous osteomyelitis was produced in the tibia or the mandible of rats by drilling a hole into the bone, injecting sodium morrhuate, and inoculating Staphylococcus aureus Phillips into the femoral vein. Animals were sacrificed after 2 weeks and examined. The infection was characterized grossly and radiographically by bone deformation,(More)
CCD detectors used in direct digital intraoral radiography have a linear dose response. When images are displayed on computer monitors a linear display function is also most often employed. Dentists using digital radiography have pointed out that the visual characteristics of such images are different from those of film based images. The aim of the present(More)
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