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The authors describe a minimally invasive treatment of moderate to large incisional and ventral hernia defects using Parietex composite mesh. All defects are closed laparoscopically or through a minilaparotomy using sutures, and the composite mesh is fixed intraperitonally using transabdominal fixation with nonabsorbable sutures to avoid the use of staple(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the organ shortage, marginal donors are increasingly used in liver transplantation (OLT). These grafts may be safely used in less critical recipients but, the real influence of extended donor criteria (EDC) remains uncertain when graft-recipient matching is not applied. Our study analyzed the impact of EDC on initial graft function within(More)
Villous adenoma of the duodenum is rare and has a high prevalence of cancer. We report here an unusual case of a 73-year-old man who presented with a tumour on the second part of the duodenum with moderate dysplasia of a tubulo-villous adenoma at the biopsies. A segmental duodeno-jejunal resection was performed and the resection margins were negative. The(More)
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