A C Langedijk

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Monoclonal antibody mAb 03/01/01, directed against the musk odorant traseolide, carries a serine residue instead of the conserved Cys H92 in the heavy chain variable domain, and is thus lacking the highly conserved disulfide bridge. We investigated the energetic consequence of restoring the disulfide bond and the nature of residue H6 (Glu or Gln), which is(More)
Monoclonal antibodies were elicited against the small hydrophobic hapten traseolide, a commercially available musk fragrance. Antibody variable region sequences were found to belong to different sequence groups, and the binding characteristics of the corresponding antibody fragments were investigated. The antibodies M02/01/01 and M02/05/01 are highly(More)
We fused the yeast-derived sequences encoding the invertase, acid phosphatase and alpha-factor pre- and prepro-signal peptides (SP) to the Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (guar plant) alpha-galactosidase(alpha Gal)-encoding gene and expressed these gene fusions in yeast. Whereas the amount of fusion protein produced by each of the constructs did not vary(More)
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