A C Higgitt

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Ro 15-1788 is an imidazodiazepine which was initially described as a pure benzodiazepine antagonist lacking in intrinsic actions. Although recent animal work has shown the drug to have differing intrinsic actions depending on the dose, the majority of studies on human subjects conclude that it is a pure antagonist of benzodiazepines. Two oral doses of Ro(More)
Studies of body size estimation are frequently used to identify body-image disturbances in clinical populations. No clear pattern of results has, however, so far emerged. One reason for this may be that studies confound non-sensory influences on performance deriving from motivational components with the observer's discriminative sensitivity. This study(More)
In an attempt to establish whether prolonged withdrawal symptoms after stopping intake of benzodiazepines is caused by return of anxiety, hysteria, abnormal illness behaviour or the dependence process itself producing perhaps a prolonged neurotransmitter imbalance, a group of such patients suffering prolonged withdrawal symptoms (PWS) was compared on a(More)
A case of a psychotic episode following Erhard Seminars Training is reported. This is the first reported case of adverse psychological effects from this type of training in Great Britain but it closely resembles previous reports from the United States of America. The possibility of a distinct syndrome is tentatively raised. The apparent rarity of such(More)
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