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Background We present a pooled analysis of predictive and prognostic values of circulating tumour cells (CTC) and circulating endothelial cells (CEC) in two prospective trials of patients with(More)
1114 Background: Paclitaxel (Ta) and capecitabine (Xel) are synergistic in vitro. Compared to a continuous weekly Tax combined with a classical 14 days (d)/21 Xel administration (Elza-Brown et al.,(More)
BACKGROUND This phase II study evaluated the clinical benefit of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (PLD) and docetaxel (Taxotere) as first-line therapy for metastatic breast cancer (MBC). PATIENTS(More)
818 Background: The combination of doxorubicin (Dox) and docetaxel [Taxotere (T)] is one of the most active chemotherapeutic regimens in breast cancer. Pegylated liposomal doxorubicin [Caelyx (CA)](More)
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