A C Hanglow

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Stromelysin is secreted as an inactive zymogen that is activated in the extracellular space by cleavage of the His81-Phe82 bond with the release of the 81-amino acid propeptide domain. This segment contains a 12-amino acid sequence (MRKPRC75GVPDVG) that is highly conserved in all matrix metalloproteinases. Previous studies have shown that the hexapeptide,(More)
The tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMPs) represent a family of naturally occurring protein inhibitors of stromelysin and other members of the family of matrix metalloproteinases. A series of peptides based on the N-terminal sequence of natural TIMP-1 was synthesized and assessed for inhibitory activity against purified human stromelysin.(More)
Proliferative responses to the T-cell mitogen, Con A, were markedly suppressed in spleen cells isolated from rats 12-16 days following induction of adjuvant-induced arthritis (AA). These responses were only partially restored following removal of plastic-adherent cells (AC-depleted). Prophylactic treatment of AA rats with a novel anti-inflammatory(More)
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