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The cloning is described of two related human complementary DNAs encoding polypeptides that interact specifically with the translation initiation factor eIF-4E, which binds to the messenger RNA 5'-cap structure. Interaction of these proteins with eIF-4E inhibits translation but treatment of cells with insulin causes one of them to become hyperphosphorylated(More)
The mu-opioid receptor mediates the analgesic and addictive properties of morphine. Despite the clinical importance of this G-protein-coupled receptor and many years of pharmacological research, few intracellular signaling mechanisms triggered by morphine and other mu-opioid agonists have been described. We report that mu-opioid agonists stimulate three(More)
PECA: a novel statistical tool for deconvoluting time-dependent gene expression regulation. SAINTexpress: improvements and additional features in Significance Analysis of INTeractome software. Luciphor: algorithm for phosphorylation site localization with false localization rate estimation using modified target-Sparsely correlated hidden Markov models with(More)
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