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Statins may act on inflammatory responses, decreasing oxidative stress and also reducing brain inflammation in several brain disorders. Epileptogenesis is a process in which a healthy brain becomes abnormal and predisposed to generating spontaneous seizures. We previously reported that lovastatin could prevent neuroinflammation in pilocarpine-induced status(More)
Several lines of evidence point to the modification of firing patterns and of synchronization due to gap junctions (GJs) as having a role in the establishment of epileptiform activity (EA). However, previous studies consider GJs as ohmic resistors, ignoring the effects of intense variations in ionic concentration known to occur during seizures. In addition(More)
Understanding the mechanisms that influence brain excitability and synchronization provides hope that epileptic seizures can be controlled. In this scenario, non-synaptic mechanisms have a critical role in seizure activity. The contribution of ion transporters to the regulation of seizure-like activity has not been extensively studied. Here, we examined how(More)
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