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EXTENDED ABSTRACT The Invisible Modelling Environment (TIME) is a .NET based model development framework, supporting model developers in the creation and testing of algorithms and in the development of standalone modelling applications. TIME underpins the modelling products in the Catchment Modelling Toolkit (http://www.toolkit.net.au); a community(More)
The analysis of water planning options on environmental assets relies on combining mathematical models from several disciplines. The growing complexity of these modelling tasks increases the potential for mistakes and misinforming stakeholders and the public. Through better capture of provenance information (audit trails), scientific workflow tools improve(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT Disturbance of forested catchments by fire, logging, or other natural or human induced events that alter the evapotranspiration regime may be a substantial threat to domestic, environmental and industrial water supplies. While security of water supplies have always been of high importance in Australia, the recent long-lived drought,(More)
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