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  • A. Buza
  • 2005 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent…
  • 2005
The continuous data streams produced by sensor applications wil have higher and higher importance in the practice in the future. Several applications generate data streams and the processing of these data streams needs high computing capacity. One of the suitable ways to provide the high capacity is the parallel computing. The processing of continuous data(More)
One of the most prominent challenges in data mining is the clustering of databases containing many categorical attributes. Representation of such data in continuous, Euclidean space usually does not reflect the true segments of data. As a crucial consequence, clustering algorithms working in continuous, Euclidean space may produce segmentations of poor(More)
In this paper we introduce the supermarket setout problem which aims at finding an appropriate setout of products (i.e. which product should be placed on which position at which shelf) w.r.t. the expected profit, access time (time required to find a product), etc. Finding a good setout of products is important both in the customer-area and in the background(More)
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