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RATIONALE The stressful work environment of ICUs can lead to burnout. Burnout can impact on the welfare and performance of caregivers, and may lead them to resign their job. The shortage of ICU caregivers is becoming a real threat for health care leaders. OBJECTIVES To investigate the factors associated with burnout on a national level in order to(More)
PRINCIPLES Work-hour regulations for residency programmes in Switzerland, including a 50-hour weekly limit, were set in on 1 January 2005. Patient safety was one of the major arguments for the implementation. As the effect of the restriction of residency work hours on patient care in Switzerland has not yet been evaluated on objective data, the aim of the(More)
In 2005 the Swiss government implemented new work-hour limitations for all residency programs in Switzerland, including a 50-hour weekly limit. The reduction in the working hours of doctors in training implicate an increase in their rest time and suggest an amelioration of doctors' clinical performance and consequently in patients' outcomes and safety -(More)
PRINCIPLES The proportion of medical graduates entering a surgical career in Switzerland, as well as in most Western countries, is declining. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the factors influencing medical students when choosing a career in surgery and to identify the impact of a surgical clerkship. METHODS Between February 2007 and July(More)
BACKGROUND Whereas work-hour regulations have been taken for granted since 1940 in other occupational settings, such as commercial aviation, they have been implemented only recently in medical professions, where they lead to a lively debate. The aim of the present study was to evaluate arguments in favour of and against work-hour limitations in medicine(More)
Burnout is a pathologic reaction in response to long-term work-related stress. The aim of this study was 2-fold: first, to assess the prevalence and degree of burnout among surgical residents and surgeons in Switzerland and, second, to identify predictors of burnout in the surgical community. Four hundred five of 618 anonymous questionnaires (65.5%) were(More)
HYPOTHESIS The 50-hour workweek limitation for surgical residents in Switzerland has a major effect on surgical training, resident quality of life, and patient care. DESIGN Survey study. SETTING Residencies in Switzerland. PARTICIPANTS Surgical residents and surgical consultants. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES An anonymous survey was conducted in(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate arguments given by board-certified surgeons in Switzerland for and against a career in surgery. BACKGROUND DATA Currently, the surgical profession in most Western countries is experiencing a labor shortage because of a declining interest in a surgical career among new graduates, a changed public opinion of medicine and its(More)
AIM To assess the relationship between nationality, gender and age and use of health services among patients visiting an urban university hospital emergency department (ED). INTRODUCTION ED crowding is an increasingly significant national and international problem. Overcrowding has many potential detrimental effects, including frustration for patients and(More)
PRINCIPLES In Switzerland, more and more patients go directly to the emergency department, bypassing general practitioners. However, a mixture of non-urgent walk-in patients and acute emergencies in the same emergency department can inevitably make it more difficult to provide genuine emergencies with rapid treatment, leading to deterioration in the quality(More)