A. Bunarević

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Only a successful cooperation of an oral surgeon and the pathologist can ensure a reliable diagnosis. The authors have analyzed operations performed during 1990 at outpatient clinic of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Zagreb, School of Dentistry. Clinical appearance of the disease and clinical diagnosis sometimes enable us to(More)
In order to determine whether an in-transit metastasis on the lingual periosteum might be a cause for recurrences of oral cancer, a retrospective review of 576 surgically treated patients was undertaken. In two patients, a simultaneous discontinuous involvement of the periosteum was verified. In 91 patients, a local recurrence was found, and, in 19, it was(More)
In this study the concentrations of cadmium, zinc and copper were determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry in 51 post mortem kidney cortex samples. A histopathological examination of the kidney was also performed. These parameters, together with age and smoking habit, were statistically related by means of factor analysis. The results show that the(More)
The effect of a mixture of calcium alginate, iron (III) ferrocyanide and potassium iodide added to rat diet on 85Sr, 137Cs and 131I metabolism and health was investigated in female rats after four weeks of treatment. The retention of these radioisotopes was determined in the whole body and critical organs six days after 85 Sr and 137CS and one day after(More)
The increasing use of new sources of energy may result in additional contamination of the human environment with inorganic and organic pollutants which are not yet adequately investigated with regard to their potential impact on human health. However, some evidence exists that several trace inorganic and organic contaminants found in coal processing(More)
Histopathological alterations in the liver and kidneys were examined in adult female rats and in their offspring form two matings after oral exposure to 7500 ppm lead (acetate) in drinking water. The length of exposure was up to 20 weeks. To estimate the reversibility of the effects in a number of exposed females lead administration was discontinued five(More)