A. Brandenburg

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An integrated optical interferometer for direct detection of affinity reactions is presented. A modern version of a Young's interferometer is built with a waveguide structure as beam splitter and as sensing element. Resistive waveguides were produced by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of silicon oxinitride. At the output of this device a fringe(More)
The reflection grating coupler for direct affinity sensing is characterized in detail. The performance of this device and its potential in affinity sensing application are investigated with two affinity-based systems: A self-assembling protein-multilayer system based on avidin-biotin interaction was used to compare the response of the device with(More)
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This identity is preserved if supersymmetry is broken by soft terms, i.e. gaugino/scalar masses, and bi/tri-linear couplings between scalar fields. The relation is crucial for the natural extension of the theory from the electroweak scale to the Planck-scale without introducing quadratic divergences, which are generated in the squark propagator, for(More)
We calculate azimuthal asymmetries and the Callan-Gross R-ratio for semi-exclusive pion production in deep inelastic scattering taking into account higher twist effects. Our results are qualitatively different from the QCD-improved parton model predictions for semiinclusive deep inelastic scattering. Submitted to Phys. Lett. B 1 Max Kade fellow. Address(More)
I review progress on investigations concerning top quark physics and QCD at a future linear e + e − collider that has been achieved since the presentation of the TESLA technical design report [1] in spring 2001. I concentrate on studies that have been presented during the workshop series of the Extended Joint ECFA/DESY Study on Physics and Detectors for a(More)