A. Brady

P. Loughlin1
R.A.J. Spence1
E. Devlin1
T. M. O'Connor1
1P. Loughlin
1R.A.J. Spence
1E. Devlin
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Many undergraduate liberal arts institutions offer computer science majors. This article illustrates how quality computer science programs can be realized in a wide variety of liberal arts settings by describing and contrasting the actual programs at five liberal arts colleges: Williams College, Kalamazoo College, the State University of New York at(More)
INTRODUCTION Epstein-Barr virus positive inflammatory pseudo-tumour (IPT) of the spleen is an uncommon, frequently asymptomatic entity, which is typically picked up as an incidental finding on imaging. PRESENTATION OF CASE We present a case of EBV positive IPT of the spleen which presented as an incidental finding on CT in a patient with a history of(More)
A pseudoaneurysm is a haematoma which is surrounded by connective tissue and communicates with the lumen of a ruptured blood vessel. It has no true defined capsule. We describe a case of tuberculous pseudoaneurysm. This is a rare complication of tuberculosis. The clinical presentation of these lesions is highly variable. Definitive diagnosis should consist(More)
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