A Bozorg Grayeli

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The tele-operated system with three arms for the microsurgery of the middle ear is composed of an operator console from where the surgeon tele-operates three robotized arms that hold surgery tools with a high level of accuracy. The main difference between these micromanipulators and the conventional minimal-invasive surgery robots is the increased field of(More)
Otosclerosis is a complex disease of the human otic capsule with highest incidence in adult Caucasians. So far, many possible etiological factors like genetics, HLA, autoimmunity, viruses, inflammation, and hormones have been investigated but still the development of the disease remains unclear. Currently, the surgical replacement of stapes (stapedotomy)(More)
Two cases of progressive bilateral hearing loss associated with superficial hemosiderosis of the central nervous system are reported. This is a rare disease caused by repetitive hemorrhage in subarachnoid spaces with hemosiderin deposits on the brain surface and cranial nerves. MRI provided the etiologic diagnosis in both cases based on typical low-density(More)
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