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From 1983 through 1986, the Southwest Oncology Group and Radiation Therapy Oncology Group conducted an intergroup study designed to evaluate the effectiveness of surgical resection in those patients with solitary central nervous system (CNS) metastases. The study was initially designed as a prospective randomized trial. Because of difficulty accruing(More)
Teletherapy of nonresectable radiosensitive brain tumors is the mainstay of adjunctive treatment. In the past two decades brachytherapy has begun to play an ever-increasing role, particularly on the European continent. Yet this attention has been addressed almost exclusively to lesions of the supratentorial space. This article describes modifications of the(More)
Sixteen malignant cancer patients (seven melanoma, three colon, three lung, and three other) who received tumor vaccine therapy--14 autologous and two allogeneic--were studied for T-cell phenotyping changes. Blood samples were obtained prior to therapy, and also at various time intervals following the therapy. A consistent and reproducible elevation of T3(More)
This paper discusses 98 patients who had their cerebral lesions stereotactically biopsied. Modified Riechert-Mundinger instrumentation was employed. Of the 98 patients, eight received only biopsy and 90 were then interstitially radiated with iridium-192 (192Ir) custom stacked in afterloading catheters. The vast majority of brachytherapeutically treated(More)
The authors present the principles of computer-aided, CT-guided stereotaxis as it applies to the modified Riechert-Mundinger equipment. A preliminary report on 20 prospectively biopsied and interstitially radiated patients with cerebral mass lesions is discussed. 192Ir served as the interstitial isotope exclusively. To date the results are encouraging and(More)
A pilot study of the use of verapamil and adriamycin in patients with advanced malignancy was conducted to determine if the two drugs could be safely combined and to explore whether antitumor responses were frequent. The dosage of adriamycin was 50 mg/M2 every 3 weeks. Eight doses of verapamil were given orally every 6 hours, with adriamycin being(More)
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